Reverse disease.
Prolong life.
Boost athletic performance.

Welcome to the Vitality Heath Challenge.

Take the challenge and take back your health

Address the root causes of your health issues, not just the symptoms.

Feel better, move better, and be more vital.

Get the Book

Read the exciting new book that upends our existing medical model for one that is scientific, simple to understand, and really can restore your health and vitality.

Better health is always possible.

You have found a revolutionary medical model offering next-level natural therapies that are scientifically proven to fix the chronic conditions we face today.

Break the Cycle

Does it seem like modern and alternative medicine are out of fresh ideas. Are you stuck at a fitness plateau and not able to push through? Move beyond drugs, diets, and supplements. Our bodies are designed to function so much more effectively.

> Why VHC Works


The Vitality Health Challenge is tailored to your individual health issues and meets you where you are today to achieve your health goals.

The Best of Both Worlds

Founder and Director Steven J. Saltzman, M.D. has developed the Vitality Health Challenge over more than a decade by integrating extensive scientific research with modern and alternative medical techniques.

> Meet the Founder


Why take the challenge?

It’s the way we’re meant to heal. This new medical model reactivates our most powerful natural healing mechanisms. The Vitality Health Challenge integrative program first addresses your existing health issues, and then re-introduces natural therapies and positive physical challenges that allow you to realize your goals.

> Improve heart function

> Manage diabetes more effectively

> Reduce chronic pain

> Reduce or eliminate pharmaceutical medication

> Reverse chronic medical conditions

> Enhance longevity

> Improve athletic performance

> Increase mental acuity

Get the Book

Over a decade in the making, Dancing with Darwin clearly traces the root causes of many modern illnesses and how to repair our bodies naturally.

Get the Right Equipment

Hand-picked health equipment tested and approved by Dr. Saltzman as part of the Vitality Health Challenge regimen.

Get Guidance

Start out on the right foot with one-on-one interaction or schedule a group event.

Reverse. Prolong. Perform.

Finally a health model that fits all the pieces together.

The Vitality Health Challenge is different because of a phased approach that is accessible to everyone. No matter what your health level, your body can always improve.

Step 1
Create Your Foundation

Start the Challenge by setting yourself up for success with a baseline analysis. You will get an understanding of how your body is functioning today and address your foundational needs.

Step 2
Get More Oxygen

Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, longevity, or hope to recover from an illness, increasing oxygen levels in your body is crucial.

Step 3

Meet the Challenge

In this step, you’ll challenge your body with therapies that include specialized exercise regimens, fasting, temperature challenges, and more. 

Dancing With Darwin

Challenge Therapies for Optimal Health

When good foundational care is merged with ample oxygen and appropriate challenge therapies, we become the resilient, vibrant, healthy, individuals we are meant to be.

Dancing with Darwin provides a roadmap for all of this and more, addressing our most common and dreaded medical conditions, restoring our health, and enhancing our athletic performance. The book introduces the Disease to Vitality Continuum and reconnects us with the crucial physical and environmental challenges we need to stay vital.

Integrative medicine is the future, Dr. Steven Saltzman has done a great job by clearing the paradigm. Way to go!

Wim Hof

The Iceman

Hormesis – The Good Stress

It’s a strange word with a lot of science behind it. From the Greek word meaning “to excite,” hormesis is the well-established science of how exposure to a mild or moderate stress initiates a cascade of positive effects at the cellular, organ and whole body level.

Hormesis has been well-researched since the 16th century and we share it with all life forms, from animals to plants to microbes. Homesis awakens powerful cellular functions that can:

  • enhance our resiliency
  • increase our immunity
  • aid detoxification
  • activate damage repair
  • optimize the stress response
  • reduce inflammation




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