Life is a Journey, Here is the Beginning of Mine


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My life’s work is an untold story.  Many people become experts in 5–10 years. It has taken me 20 years to achieve my expertise.  I’m a Johns Hopkins Anesthesiologist and finished my clinical training in 1995.  

I’m grateful for my anesthesiology work and am fortunate to run a large practice. Through the course of my studies, and then once I began practicing medicine, I was shocked at just how off-base we are in the medical field. I noticed how off-base our health as a society is too.

I’m in modern medicine. I put a lot of time and effort into my practice of medicine, but I am often dumbfounded by how the smarter and more advanced our medical system becomes, the health of the American Public continues to deteriorate. 

This Truth Shocked Me and Sparked Me to Take Action

People aren’t living as vibrantly as they should, or they could.  We’ve gotten to the point that it’s natural to just give up. It’s absurd but it’s most people’s perspective. 

I put together the best program to get people back to living their best lives.  Twenty-five years later, I have perfected it. 

It is based on the state of Hormesis.  It’s the Greek word “to excite”. 

Hormetic therapies are all about embracing short-term challenge to enhance long-term strength and vitality and there’s never been a time in human history when it was more difficult to embrace such practices.  We are trained from the day we can operate a light switch and a smart phone that if we want something, we can have it in a moment. We’re wiring our brains to expect immediate satisfaction and the constant avoidance of discomfort. 

What is Hormesis?

Hormesis: A strange word for a common-sense concept from the Greek work “to excite.”

Hormesis is the over-arching theme in the restorative health programs I designed for my clients.  When we grasp this concept, we appreciate how finely adapted the body is for confronting and benefitting from physical and environmental challenge. This allows us to redefine our perspective on health and wellness. 

It has changed my life and countless others.

Welcome to the Vitality Health Challenge


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It’s grounded in three basic elements. 

  • Good Foundational Care (nutrition and detox, hormones in balance, stress management)
  • Oxygen therapy (we give oxygen to our sickest hospital patients, end state disease, pro athletes on the side lines. If a therapy can benefit athletes and sick people, they can benefit everyone else)
  • Challenge Therapies – Physical and environmental therapies. Everyone likes their Starbucks their way but the problem is continuous comfort, is not helping people. 

Modern medicine and physicians in general never moved into the wellness space.  Wellness and Integrative medicine are the future. We need to look past the single-pill symptom cover-up.  We need to address the root cause. This is what Vitality Health Challenge seeks to do.  

Click here to learn more about my new book: Dancing with Darwin, Vitality Health Challenge.

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