Hormesis is One of Your Body’s Greatest Assets

The best medical researchers define health as the ability to adapt to a wide variety of appropriate and strategic challenges–exercise, fasting, temperature challenges, and more.  However, this is not a definition most physicians appreciate or utilize in their practices, but researchers in every scientific discipline I know study it. The science is called hormesis and it represents our oldest, most preserved, and most powerful cellular physiology. It’s from the Greek word, “to excite”. At the core, it’s the science of how a stress or challenge strengthens us and helps us adapt and better prepare to handle future stresses of all kinds.

Evolution made a decision very early on to gift and incorporate this trait to every living system from plants, to animals, to humans.  Appropriate hormetic therapies engage our most powerful cellular systems. This includes boosting detoxification, enhancing cellular repair, optimizing our stress response system, reducing inflammation, and more.  We don’t increase health by taking a pill, we build health by challenging ourselves and adapting.  


Photo of a man in freezing ice cold water.

Life is a Series of Battles

I often use a battle analogy with my clients to help make this point more clear:

Life is a series of battles, some known like mental stress, disease, insomnia, financial crises and work life balance, and some unknown like COVID-19, other pandemics, accidents, and plenty more.  If you had 10,000 soldiers to fight these battles what skills would you want them to possess? 

Would you want your soldiers limited to using a single weapon system? Would you want your soldiers capable of performing only in a narrow temperature range under certain conditions?  Would you want them to only be able to perform with a steady food supply? Or would you want your soldiers capable of using any military weapon, capable of fighting on any terrain, during feast or famine and cross-trained for the harshest type of battle conditions?  

Health is Your Body’s Ability to Adapt


Photo of a man with gray hair recovering after a run.


Our body’s cells are our soldiers and how we train and prepare them determines our battle/life outcomes.  This is much more than physical training. When we train our bodies to face physical and environmental challenges we are actually building “adaptive range” and conditioning our cells to handle stresses of all kinds more effectively.  Our stress response system is the most important system we can optimize but most of us have little or no understanding of its importance or how to begin this process. By reading this, you have already taken the first step. You can read more about what we can do to tap into this powerful, all natural, innate capability each of us holds on my website.

This is why the science of hormesis holds such promise for us.  We are the first species to have drifted away from it as we pursue continuous comfort.  But evolution designed all species to be most responsive when challenged. We have a 2.5-million-year history of challenge and adaptation and only an extremely brief history of working towards constant comfort.  This mismatch has profound implications on our health and wellness. 

My medical model consists of Foundational Care, Oxygen Therapies, and Challenge Therapies, and when applied correctly, this model can strongly impact disease reversal, longevity, and peak performance.  I would love to help you get your health back, learn more here.

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