Modern life has resulted in some very real health benefits, from clean water and basic sanitation to life-saving surgical procedures. We have cars that can drive themselves and phones that can order a pizza with one click.  Most of us work and live in climate-controlled comfort. But this lifestyle has created surprising health risks: diabetes, obesity, heart disease and chronic pain are all reaching epidemic levels.

We are the first generations to live in continuous comfort, and that comfort is eroding our health. Health is our ability to adapt to all kinds of physical and environmental challenges – and our comfortable lifestyle is taking that away, especially as we age.

Dr. Steven Saltzman, a Johns Hopkins-trained anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist, realized early in his career that modern medicine wasn’t working for many people with those chronic diseases. (link to Steve bio – consulting page) Patients were being treated for symptoms and not the actual cause of their health issues. Why should someone take two different pills for high blood pressure? He realized that to help people thrive, not just survive, something had to change.

After years of research, Dr. Saltzman determined modern day stressors from our comfortable lifestyle set the stage for pain and disease: nutrient deficiency, toxicity, hormonal imbalance, and stress. In addition to these stressors, he discovered low cellular oxygen levels also cause us to be susceptible to disease and other issues like poor athletic performance. When cells don’t get enough oxygen or use it inefficiently, they produce less energy. Less cellular energy means cellular function can be impaired.   Just like any engine that begins to fail, we become prone to disease if our cells don’t work well.

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