Gary is a 42-year-old kitchen designer recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune condition. Gary had intermittent symptoms that involved lower extremity muscle weakness, mild coordination impairment, stiffness, and generalized fatigue. He was prescribed steroid and immunotherapy medications by other specialists. He did not tolerate these medications well and was seeking alternative therapies from Dr. Saltzman.

Build a Foundation

As he was not experiencing any MS symptoms, Dr. Saltzman suggested Gary try few active breathing sessions with oxygen loading and reducing acid waste (C02), followed by stretching and yoga. Much to his surprise, Gary was able to do 30 breath-hold pushups after doing the breathing exercises for the first time. Gary also made equally surprising flexibility gains.

Reach for the Sky

These results made Gary more confident about trying cold therapies. Gary started slowly with warm showers, then introduced a minute of cold, with warm recovery, then progressed to ending a shower with a minute of cold. He did not like it, but his symptoms responded well. Dr. Saltzman had him spend more time outside in the cold with limited clothing. Gary had less stiffness, and his fatigue diminished significantly. He built on these gains and became stronger and healthier. He got to the point where cold was no longer the enemy. Over time, Dr. Saltzman introduced more therapies to Gary, including cyclic exercise, intravenous ozone therapy, and many dietary changes.


Gary was able to reduce his medications almost right away, and in a few months, got to the point where he only needed them for symptoms. He has not had a flare of his condition in several months and is as active as he was before his diagnosis. Gary continues his regular practice of the breathing and cold therapies. He sums it up best in his own words: “This work has given me many things back that I thought I had lost. I can fight back. My condition is not gone, but now I am in control of it.”

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