Steve Saltzman M.D.

Vitality Health’s founder and medical director, Steven J. Saltzman, M.D has extensive modern and alternative medical training. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist with wide-ranging training in nutrition, detoxification, oxygen therapies, oxidative medicine, exercise physiology, and physical and environmental challenges.
  • He trained in anesthesiology and critical care medicine at The Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, and is certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Dr. Saltzman has practiced modern and alternative medicine for more than fifteen years and is passionate about using his experience with natural and scientific treatments to help his patients prevent and recover from all kinds of disease.
  • After decades of research and pursing additional training and certifications, he is starting sharing his findings with the rest of us, first through Vitality7, and now the Vitality Health Challenge and his exciting new book, Dancing with Darwin.
  • Dr. Saltzman’s medical model looks for root causes, creates fully personalized treatment plans, and draws from the best of both conventional and complementary modalities. Dr. Saltzman uses multiple synergistic, natural therapies to reverse disease, promote longevity, and enhance athletic recovery in his patients.

Getting Started

Learn the science, study the method, address your foundational concerns and limitations, get more oxygen, and introduce appropriate natural and environmental challenges. It’s time to start the journey to your health and wellness goals!

Discover more about the Vitality Health Challenge and the science through the book Dancing with Darwin. Dr. Saltzman also develops customized programs for clients through personal consultations .

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