Reverse disease.
Prolong life.
Boost athletic performance.

Take the challenge and take back your health.

Address the root causes of your health issues, not just the symptoms. Feel better, move better, and be more vital.


Break the Cycle

Does it seem like modern and alternative medicine are out of fresh ideas that don’t include drugs, invasive procedures, strict diets and supplements?

Have you accepted a chronic medical condition? Are you taking more medications or higher dosages to manage the same disease?

Our bodies are designed to function so much more effectively. We are meant to be resilient, adaptable, and capable of repair. The Vitality Health Challenge is a revolutionary medical model with next-level therapies that leverage what we are capable of to fix the chronic conditions we face today.


Reach Your Goals

From managing heart disease to diabetes to chronic pain, this program meets you where you are today and takes you where you want to go. The Vitality Health Challenge is tailored to you and your individual issues and goals: reversing a chronic medical condition, enhancing longevity, and attaining peak performance, these principles of vitality apply to us all.

The Best of Both Worlds

Designed and developed over more than fifteen years, the Vitality Health Challenge is a proven and natural medical program backed by science and research.

The founder and director, Steven J. Saltzman, M.D., has extensive modern and alternative medical training. He is a Johns Hopkins trained, board-certified anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist with wide-ranging training in nutrition, detoxification, oxygen therapies, exercise physiology, and physical and environmental challenges.


Three steps to Vitality:

Create Your Foundation

Start the Challenge by setting yourself up for success with a baseline analysis and understanding of how your body is functioning today. Then you’ll start to resolve your personal health issues by addressing common modern-day health threats we all face by:

  • optimizing nutrition
  • reducing toxicity and chronic stress
  • balancing hormones
  • addressing chronic pain and injuries



Get Some Oxygen

We recognize that no oxygen equals death in minutes, but did you know that low levels of oxygen cause the chronic diseases we fight today?

Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, longevity, or hope to recover from an illness, additional oxygen is crucial.  This step in the Challenge guides you through essential oxygen therapies that will support your journey back to health or beyond.



Challenge – Reach for the Sky

We are the first species to “achieve” a state of continuous comfort and its eroding our health in the process. Charles Darwin’s research and groundbreaking book On the Origin of Species showed us that it is not the smartest or strongest that survive, it is those that can best adapt to challenging environments.   What doesn’t kill us really does make us stronger!

Darwin’s conclusions and Dr. Saltzman’s new book are based on hormesis, a biological phenomenon where a beneficial effect results from exposure to a low dose of something that is usually harmful. Think ice bath! <Learn more about hormesis – link to science page>

In this step, you’ll embrace hormesis and challenge your body with different therapies that include specialized exercise regimens, fasting challenges, temperature challenges, and more.



The Book – Dancing With Darwin

Challenge Therapies for Optimal Health

Health is the ability to adapt to many physical and environmental challenges. When good foundational care is merged with ample oxygen and appropriate challenge therapies, we become the resilient, vibrant, healthy, individuals we are meant to be.

Dancing with Darwin provides a roadmap for all of this and more, addressing our most common and dreaded medical conditions, restoring our health, and enhancing our athletic performance. The book introduces the Disease to Vitality Continuum and reconnects us with hormesis.


Integrative medicine is the future, Dr. Steven Saltzman has done a great job by clearing the paradigm. Way to go.

Wim Hof

The Iceman

What a great book! You feel like you personally know Dr. Saltzman and wish your doctor was like him. He has discovered the keys to having more energy for life, and he freely shares that wisdom without the need for a prescription. Whether young, old, extremely fit or struggling with a medical condition, this book will help every human being to have a higher quality of life by changing people at the cellular level. I believe Dancing with Darwin will change the world and how we think about health and wellness.

Phil Campbell, M.S., M.A., FACHE-R, ACSC-CPT

The Iceman, Fitness author and performance coach at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement, Creator of the Sprint 8® Cardio Workout

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