LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast System

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Steve’s Endorsement

LiveO2 EWOT and Adaptive Contrast Systems are the exercise-with-oxygen training systems that allow my clients to work out while breathing higher or lower than normal amounts of oxygen. I recommend this unit because the training parameters are truly endless and there is no other product like it on the market.


Equipment Overview

This system allows you to train with all our exercise usage guides. Proprietary Adaptive Contrast technology allows you to instantly switch between oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. This allows you to get better results in less time.

Who it is For

This system is a great fit for any home. It allows you to train using Adaptive Contrast technology in the comfort of your home. With this system you can complete all our exercise usage guides. Because a Standard EWOT system does not have Negative O2 (oxygen depleted air) you can only complete basic exercise usage guides.


Adaptive Contrast System takes up the same footprint as our Standard system. If you upgrade to the 20LPM option you will get two oxygen concentrators.

The AC system uses a more powerful concentrator technology so you can fill a system in as little as 20 minutes (20 LPM Option) or 1 hour (10 LPM Option).


  • Reservoir Height = 7 Feet
  • Reservoir Width = 5 Feet
  • Minimum Floor Space = 7 x 10 foot space for exercise equipment and AC System

Adaptive Contrast Technology

Patented Adaptive Contrast (AC) technology gives you access to both oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. It is the newest generation of our exercise with oxygen technology.

By training with oxygen depleted air your cells quickly create an increased demand for oxygen. When you flip the switch back to higher oxygen air your cells can absorb more oxygen.

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