Longevity Resources Cyclone Steam Sauna Cabinet

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Steve’s Endorsement

Longevity Resources Steam Sauna is a well-made and easy-to-use ozone steam sauna for home use. I recommend this device because they are durable and heat up quickly and evenly. The ozone components also adhere to strict safety standards and universal measurements.


Equipment Overview

Longevity’s Cyclone Steam Sauna Cabinet provides you, as a Home User or a Commercial Clinic or Spa User, the opportunity to purchase phenomenal quality and performance at an incredibly competitive price.

The Cyclone Steam Sauna Cabinet shares the same “body” as the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet. That’s right. It uses the same beautiful and durable cabinet and W-I-D-E Opening Double Door System, complete with 6 hinges (3 on each door), and 10 position seat inside.

High efficiency steam from the external Cyclone Steam Generator flows in to create that perfect interior temperature for you to enjoy, either as a straightforward “Steam Sauna” system, or add one of Longevity’s Ozone Generator packages to create a “Cyclone Ozone Sauna”.

The result? You get to own one of the highest quality steam sauna cabinets (or Ozone Saunas) in the world, at the least expensive price in North America. Yes, you read that right!

Quality, Durability, Comfort, and Reliability at an inexpensive price? Yes! Relax and enjoy….you are with Longevity now!

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