Longevity Resources EXT50 Ozone Generator

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Steve’s Endorsement

Longevity Resources Oxygen Concentrator is the unit I recommend in conjunction with the HBOT chamber. This pairing allows clients to breathe extra oxygen during HBOT treatments.


Equipment Overview


Contains everything you need to get you started, competitively priced that everyone can afford plus…Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support included!! Add accessories as you expand your protocols:

  • EXT50 Ozone Generator (Get $150.00 discount on the EXT50 Ozone Generator if you purchase two (2) at the same time! Only $849.00 USD for the Generator, not including accessories. Yes! You save 15% on the price of the generator! Buy with a friend and save!)
  • Oxygen Tank
  • “Gold Standard” Oxygen Regulator (or choose a Green Regulator to lower the price)
  • Tubing Accessories Package
  • 500ml Glass Flask for making Ozonated Water
  • Ozone Destruct Unit (to destroy offgassing ozone)
  • Includes Lifetime Customer Support Package. Call us any time with your questions! (Learn more about our Legendary Customer Support)

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