Parmeds Home Curatron HT PEMF System

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Steve’s Endorsement

Parmeds PEMF System. This is a powerful pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system for home use. It offers a full body treatment pad as well as a smaller pad for targeting different body areas. I recommend this unit as it is able to treat a wide variety of conditions, offers decent power, and has built-in programs that save time and effort.


Equipment Overview

The Parmeds Home system is the base model unit in the Parmeds family. It is a relatively high intensity whole-body system.

This unit has 10 preset programs. Each program has a preset range of frequencies.

The maximum intensity is 70 gauss (7,000 microTesla) on the whole-body mat and 200 gauss (20,000 microTesla) on the smaller pad applicator. Intensities are preset and not adjustable. Half of the programs run at a lower intensity – 10 gauss on the whole body mat and 27 gauss on the small pad – and half run at full intensity.

Treatment times are preset based on which program you have selected. Half of the programs run for 15 minutes (these are the lower intensity programs) and half run for 30 minutes (these are the 100% intensity programs).

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