Vitaris 320 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

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Steve’s Endorsement

Oxyhealth Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers are the leaders in portable and safe units for home use. The units pressurize room air and offer mild (1.3 ATA) hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) that can benefit many different medical conditions as well as support athletic recovery. My book Dancing with Darwin contains several case studies that showcase the power of HBOT. I recommend this product since it is the industry leader, provides rental options, and has a superb safety rating.


Equipment Overview

A popular chamber amongst parents, physicians, celebrities and professional athletes. Enough room for two adults to self-treat simultaneously, the sizeable 32” diametric chamber has complete freedom of movement for patients and maintains our strict and impeccable safety specifications. Strategically angled air-in port and tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators maintains consistent circulatory air flow within the chamber during treatments. The Vitaeris320® is practical and ideal for clinics and homes as the roomy interior provides patients with peace of mind during treatments. Three patient viewing windows illuminate the interior with room light. The spacious design coupled with medical grade technology ensures durability and functionality that will last for years.

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