Create Your Foundation

We all come to the Vitality Health Challenge differently.  Some have chronic conditions and pain; others struggle with fatigue, metabolic issues, immune dysfunction, or old injuries.  Many will need to build strength and endurance first.  Some are ready to jump in.  It’s important to establish a baseline so you’ll know what you are capable of now, and what you need help with.




An integrative practitioner to guide you through the Challenge is recommended. Dr. Saltzman is available to guide you or your small group.

In the first step of the Vitality Health Challenge, you’ll create a custom plan for the whole program based on your lab results, health history, functional assessment, injuries, your personal goals, and more.


Before you begin any part of the Vitality Health Challenge, we recommend: 

  • Lab tests to evaluate crucial hormone levels, micro- and macro-nutrient deficiencies, and toxicity analysis
  • Biomechanical assessments to test your flexibility, strength, cardio, balance, inflammation, and existing injuries 
  • Sleep assessment 
  • Whole body physical 

Lab analysis and preliminary work can be extensive.  A basic complete blood count (CBC) and electrolyte test are not enough to pinpoint your body’s imbalances.    


Action Steps and Therapies

Address natural hormone imbalances

We know that we age because our hormones decline, not the other way around. Hormone loss is progressive, however replacement can prevent hormone deficiency related diseases. We recommend optimizing hormone function using hormones that are identical to those produced by our bodies.

Begin pre-conditioning if needed

We often recommend a pre-conditioning, whole-body program to boost metabolism and build readiness for more challenging therapies. Your program may include:

    • Far infrared sauna
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    • Ozone steam sauna
    • Gentle preparation for movement and exercise, including chiropractic care if needed
    • Oxygen and ozone therapies aimed at reducing chronic pain
Adjust your diet

Adjust your diet to address nutrition deficiencies and reduce chemicals and toxins. Your diet should be unique to you and based on your activity level, medical condition, and specific dietary goals. We often recommend low animal protein, unrefined carbohydrates, raw foods, cultured foods, and foods with low allergenic potential.

More information about nutritional support for this program is available in Dr. Saltzman’s book, Dancing with Darwin. 

Getting Started

Learn the science, study the method, address your foundational concerns and limitations, get more oxygen, and introduce appropriate natural and environmental challenges. It’s time to start the journey to your health and wellness goals!

Discover more about the Vitality Health Challenge and the science through the book Dancing with Darwin. Dr. Saltzman also develops customized programs for clients through personal consultations .

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