Steve Saltzman M.D. conference speakerDr. Saltzman specializes in developing customized programs for his clients. He starts by establishing your health baseline with specialized testing kits that assess a wide variety of conditions.

The kits are delivered right to you and include tests that you complete at home and at a local lab. Results are sent to Dr. Saltzman, and he will create a specific rehab, conditioning or training plan based on your unique goals and circumstances. He is happy to travel to meet with individuals and small groups in person to develop customized assessments, equipment recommendations and installations, and more tailored work.

Group Classes

Dr. Saltzman also speaks in group settings about the Vitality Health Challenge, the science of hormesis, and how he used his unique medical model (foundational care, oxygen therapies, and challenge therapies) to help many types of clients, from those looking to reverse medical conditions to others seeking peak athletic performance. Contact him for more information.

Ongoing support

  • $200 per hour for existing clients
  • In person or via phone/video conference

Getting Started

Learn the science, study the method, address your foundational concerns and limitations, get more oxygen, and introduce appropriate natural and environmental challenges. It’s time to start the journey to your health and wellness goals!

Discover more about the Vitality Health Challenge and the science through the book Dancing with Darwin. Dr. Saltzman also develops customized programs for clients through personal consultations .

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