The Method

Welcome to the Vitality Health Challenge, a revolutionary, scientific way to reclaim your health and wellness using a synergistic combination of specialized natural treatments and therapies.

This exciting and new integrative program first addresses your existing health issues, and then re-introduces natural therapies and positive physical challenges that allow you to realize your goals:

Reverse Disease

Prolong Your Life

Perform Better

No matter what your body has experienced in the past, good treatment choices today can make you feel better quickly.

Vitality Health Challenge

Get ready for some change, and get ready for some hard work. Wouldn’t it be great to wake in the morning feeling well rested, to have energy, move freely, and heal injuries naturally?

The Vitality Health Challenge blends foundational wellness practices with strategic hormetic and oxygen therapies. It draws from the best of both conventional and natural medical worlds for a truly integrative approach. The individual therapies depend on your goals (reverse – prolong – perform), but the principles for each step (phase?) are the same.

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