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Your Vitality Health Challenge continues with oxygen therapies. Oxygen is vital to the life process of every cell in the body and these treatments are integral to reversing disease, prolonging your life and performing better.


Oxygen is Essential

No Oxygen



Low Oxygen


Pain and Disease

Oxygen Therapies


Restored Vitality

We recognize that no oxygen equals death in minutes, but did you know that low levels of oxygen cause the chronic diseases we face today? Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, seeking longevity, or hope to recover from an illness, additional oxygen is crucial.

This step in the Challenge guides you through essential oxygen therapies that will support your journey back to health or beyond.

The oxygen problem:

  1. Environmental oxygen levels are decreasing due to pollution levels and toxicity.
  2. Modern stress and lifestyles increase oxygen requirements.
  3. We only provide supplemental oxygen to the sickest hospitalized patients, the elderly with end-stage disease, and elite athletes after extreme exertion.

Learn more about the amazing power of oxygen and medical ozone (a charged and reactive form of oxygen) therapies on the Science section.



Your integrative practitioner should evaluate how well your body uses oxygen. It can be studied non-invasively by analyzing how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced relative to how much oxygen is consumed as you progresses from rest to moderate and, if appropriate, more intense exercise.

In the second step of the Vitality Health Challenge, your practitioner will use assessment results to create an oxygen-rich treatment plan that meshes with your personal issues and goals.

Action Steps and Therapies

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Breathing high flow oxygen while exercising has dramatic effects on our levels of tissue oxygenation. This simple and inexpensive therapy can dramatically affect your health and longevity as EWOT can result in 10 to 15 times more oxygen circulating in your body.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can bring oxygen to areas of the body where the circulation has been compromised by infection, injury, inflammation, or disease. HBOT increases the pressure around your body allowing blood, plasma, lymphatic fluid and cerebrospinal fluids to absorb additional oxygen.

This extra oxygen promotes all body functions including healing, detoxification, fighting infections and more.


Ozone Therapies

Ozone is a charged form of oxygen. It is produced in nature, from lightning and ocean mist, and it is also produced in our bodies by our immune cells. Medical use of ozone involves producing ozone from medical grade oxygen via an ozone generator. Ozone therapy results in increases in oxygen delivery, immune activation, release of growth factors, and more.

Types of ozone therapy include:

  • Prolozone injection: Prolozone combines ozone and a mixture of nutrients, and treats pain quickly and efficiently. The additional nutrients provide what ailing cells need to produce energy more efficiently.
  • IV therapy: Ozone can be mixed with your own blood and then re-infused back into the body. This is a powerful tool as it provides whole-body effects unlike Prolozone, which targets a local area. IV ozone is called Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH).
  • Ozone steam saunas: This equipment is very helpful for detoxing and oxygenating the body. A pod encloses the entire body except the head. Steam fills the cabinet, causing sweating. Ozone gas is added, and is absorbed through the skin. This therapy oxygenates tissues and cells, stimulates the immune system, and is a powerful detoxifier. Ozone steam therapy is helpful in a wide variety of situations, from diabetes to fibromyalgia to athletic recovery.

Getting Started

Learn the science, study the method, address your foundational concerns and limitations, get more oxygen, and introduce appropriate natural and environmental challenges. It’s time to start the journey to your health and wellness goals!

Discover more about the Vitality Health Challenge and the science through the book Dancing with Darwin. Dr. Saltzman also develops customized programs for clients through personal consultations .

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