Kent, a 49-year-old male with a recent knee injury came to Dr. Saltzman with knee pain and muscle tightness that kept him from exercising. His knee pain was at a level 6 out of 10 with walking, but increased to an 8 or 9 when heading down stairs or trying to stand after sitting. He had undergone an arthroscopy two years before and was told that he would need a joint replacement eventually.

Creating a Foundation

Kent first underwent Prolozone injections containing a mixture of oxygen and ozone plus nutrients into his right knee to reduce pain. Then Dr. Saltzman started Kent on rehabilitative therapies to prepare him for weight-bearing exercise. The goals were to strengthen the muscles above and below the knee, increase his flexibility, and reduce inflammation. Dr. Saltzman also treated Kent’s knee with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to further reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate tissue repair and healing.

Get More Oxygen

As soon as he was pain-free, Dr. Saltzman had Kent start sessions in an ozone sauna with supplemental oxygen to remove toxins and begin sweating again. Kent also started gentle exercising with supplemental oxygen.

Reach for the Sky

As Kent’s knee recovered, his exercise sessions intensified. Dr. Saltzman had Kent do rigorous cyclic exercise training with oxygen followed by a recovery period. Then, while still breathing high-flow oxygen, Kent would stretch, undergo a PEMF treatment, and work with the firm foam roller. This intense combination of therapies worked together to help circulate blood and oxygen deep throughout his body and joints. They also helped remove lactic acid and other toxins from his muscles.


Kent was finally able to do more with his body than he had done in years. He was back to his active lifestyle and felt strong and confident with his knee. His exercise capacity grew dramatically.

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