Jack, a 60-year-old male with severe toxicity, bladder cancer, and sedentary lifestyle came to see Dr. Saltzman after being diagnosed with his cancer and undergoing a urologic procedure to remove the tumor. His major lifestyle risk factors included a 30-year smoking history, though he’d quit. There was also evidence of heavy metal toxicity, and he was unable to do exercise of any kind. He was shocked that the medical establishment had no further program or recommendations to offer him aside from a repeat cystoscopy to re-image his bladder in one year. Dr. Saltzman explained that in the integrative oncology world, many practitioners believe that cancer results from a combination of toxicity, nutrient deficiency, and poor cellular energy production.   He also told Jack that that chronic inflammation and continuous 24-hour comfort can significantly contribute to disease.

Build a Foundation

Dr. Saltzman observed effects of chronic low levels of oxygen in Jack. He had deep wrinkles and a slightly bluish tinge to his face. His face was puffy and the whites of his eyes were not clear. Dr. Saltzman began Jack’s treatment with a toxicity and nutrition analysis, which indicated heavy metal toxicity. Jack began a series of intravenous chelation therapies, designed to bind the heavy metals and encourage their excretion in the urine. Dr. Saltzman also administered customized nutrients and vitamins in the IV.  The entire chelation process took several months. Jack felt stronger and could walk longer before feeling winded. Dr. Saltzman noticed less facial swelling and improved coloration, too.

To support Jack’s recovery and discourage his cancer from returning, Dr. Saltzman recommended changes to his died intended to keep his insulin levels and blood sugar levels low. Jack limited refined carbohydrates and animal protein, and began a time-restricted eating plan that included raw and cultured foods.

Get More Oxygen

Dr. Saltzman suggested a series of ozone and ultraviolet blood irradiation therapies to support additional detoxification and immune enhancement. Jack experienced good energy and improved sleep for several days after these therapies.

Reach for the Sky

Once he felt better, Dr. Saltzman started Jack on an exercise plan. To pre-condition for that process, he spent time in a far infrared sauna to start sweating again. He went to physical therapy to loosen his muscles and build flexibility. Then Dr. Saltzman introduced cyclic exercise paired with oxygen and recovery breathing. Jack felt more youthful than he had in years.


Through all these therapies and major lifestyle changes, Jack progressed from disease to vitality. His improved quality of life was evident to everyone around him. He transitioned from a focus on disease reversal to giving himself peak performance goals. He regularly exercises with oxygen, and Dr. Saltzman built additional hormetic challenges into his workouts. Best of all, Jack’s cancer has not returned. He successfully learned how to take his health into his own hands.

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