Chris had a history of hypertension, obesity, and mild sleep apnea. He was active years before, but had no current exercise regimen. Chris also disclosed that he was having erectile dysfunction, a common side effect from the antihypertensive medications he was prescribed by another physician.

Create a Foundation

Dr. Saltzman first prescribed targeted nutrition and detoxification for Chris. To get him moving, Chris started gentle stretching and progressed to hot yoga. The hot yoga was effective and helped Chris to sweat regularly for the first time in years. Dr. Saltzman added sessions in an ozone steam sauna to this gentle training to support his flexibility and reduce muscular pain.

Reach for the Sky

After four months of foundational care, Chris was ready to exercise on his own. Dr. Saltzman started him on a cyclic exercise program and Chris quickly felt better, had more energy, and his weight improved. In consultation with his primary care physician and cardiologist, Dr. Saltzman made reductions in his antihypertensive medications. After a few sessions with a chiropractor, he started exercise-induced growth hormone interval training. Chris was shocked at how challenging this type of exercise was. It took him almost ten weeks to get to the point where he could complete the workout.


Interval training transformed Chris’ body. He lost fat around his middle and developed a much more muscular physique, likely due to the release of his body’s own supply of growth hormone. He felt good and enjoyed his improved health. After a year of treatment, he stopped taking both blood pressure medications and his sleep apnea had improved significantly.

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