Jeff came to see Dr. Saltzman after his annual medical exam with his primary care doctor. His blood pressure was elevated, despite his medication, and his weight was up. He also struggled with lower back pain, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol dysfunction, and back pain, all caused by inflammation.

Get More Oxygen

Dr. Saltzman suggested whole-body oxygenation combined with exercise could help many of the health problems Jeff was facing. He prescribed a program that involved exercising with oxygen (EWOT), intermittent fasting, Prolozone injections, and specialized work to address Jeff’s lower back tightness. Ultimately, the synergy of all these treatments transformed his life, but EWOT produced the most encouraging benefits early in the process. Jeff worked out on the EWOT treadmill at least three times a week and used specialized saunas post-workout to further reduce his back tightness. After only two months, Jeff began to feel a general increase in energy and a significant reduction in pain. Working out with extra oxygen helped his body clear waste from chronically inflamed areas, leading to pain reduction without side effects.


After several months, Jeff was able to stop his blood pressure medication and had greatly improved energy. He purchased equipment to incorporate oxygen therapies into his home training. He is a great example of using natural therapies to restore health instead of simply medicating symptoms and coping with side effects.



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